Does Eminem Approve Of Hailie Jade Mathers Becoming A Sorority Girl At Michigan State?

Rumors of Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade joining a sorority in the fall have been going viral. Will Dad say yes to greek life?

Hailie Jade Mathers is definitely all grown up. The 18-year-old graduated from Chippewa Valley High School with honors this past June, and in a few weeks she’ll be off to college at Michigan State University. But now that the web is abuzz with rumors that she’s ’rushing’ a MSU sorority, we have to wonder what dad Eminem thinks!

According to, Hailie Jade is already a popular pick for greek life at MSU. After being crowned Homecoming Queen in high school last November, Hailie Jade should be able to easily tackle the college social scene. Em has yet to comment on his daughter’s choice to potentially become a part of party-heavy sorority world, but we think he’ll be supportive. After all, his precious baby girl has excelled in pretty much everything thus far!

Although Slim Shady’s daughter has played a major role in pop culture and his career, we’ve only learned about her recently. Check out the gallery below to see the life of Hailie Jade in recent years, leading to her college adventure. Do you think Hailie is cut out for sorority life? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!