Oh Lawd: The Most Turnt Up Gospel Songs Ever

Songs to help you get your spiritual twerk on.

-By Michael Arceneaux

Whenever I used to think of gospel music, I thought of spiritual vocals and someone letting me know that God will carry me through like David over Goliath, Jesus over his haters, and some other person whose name I can’t think of because I stopped going to church years ago. Y’all know what I mean. Insert “Won’t he do it?” here.

In any event, thanks to the likes of Kirk Franklin and his daughters in contemporary Christian music, Mary Mary, now there’s gospel music that you can play in the club— or at the very least, on your drive home from the club to sunrise service. Here are a few select songs that will help you get your spiritual twerk on. Yes, I realize I’m probably going to hell for this intro. Bury me with ice packs.

  1. “I Luh God” by Erica Campbell

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    When she initially went solo, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary fame opted for traditional music for her first solo effort, Help. It was an interesting choice given that so much of the Mary Mary’s sound was geared towards attracting people like me who might not be the traditional gospel listener, but would shake a tail feather to the Lord if the beat and vocals popped enough. For the re-release of her album, Erica opted to drop the trap gospel track, “I Luh God.” What I love about this song is that, for the first few seconds, it sounds like Erica Campbell is about to kill you while moving some kilos. Instead, she’s just luring you close to save your soul. This is like Pimp C and Jesus’ musical baby.

  2. “God In Me” by Mary Mary

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    This song is basically “Blame It On The Jesus.” It sounds exactly like Jamie Foxx and T-Pain’s song, only they’re flossing for Hosanna in the highest. In fact, years ago, DJs used to mix the two songs. I never objected. I totally subscribe to the belief that my God accepts my love of brown liquor. I absolutely love this song, and if you haven’t heard it chopped and screwed, you need to look it up.

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  3. “I’m Turnt” by LeCrae

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    The song is called “I’m Turnt”— do I really need to explain why this slaps? This is one of those songs were you end up having to put your tongue back in your mouth, pick yourself up from scrubbing the ground and remind yourself that this is a gospel song. You have to do a respectful bop, dip, and bop again combo instead. Hashtag blessed.

  4. “Turnt Up” by Gospel Boys

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    I actually don’t like this song much. I can’t be singing “I’m so turnt up for my Jesus.” Nah. No shade, Christ. That said, I do love the beat. As long as a song has a good beat, I can forget the words and dance anyway…just like I do for every other song I hear in the club.

  5. “Pressure” by Poetic T

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    This basically sounds like a sanctified version of a Jeremih mixtape song. I have no idea what he’s saying, but again, that beat knocks. In my mind, as long as I sneak in a prayer while dancing to it, I’m good with God. I suggest something simple: “God is great. God is good. Let us thank him for our food.” A prayer is a prayer.

  6. “25 Bibles On My Dresser” by DJ DMD

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    As a native Houstonian, I’m all too familiar with the original song this is based on, “25 Lighters.” Frankly, I find this to be a bit of an abomination. Even so, it’s the least corny Christian spin of a rap song that I can think of, so here it is. Plus, he stopped drinking, so good for him.

  7. “Say Yes” by Michelle Williams feat. Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland

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    I’m including the version the trio performed at this year’s Stellar Awards simply because Beyoncé performed the same dance she did during “Drunk In Love.” By default, this makes this turnt.

    Enjoy, saints.