Burger King’s Creepy Black Whopper Is Coming to America and You Should Be Terrified

Am I supposed to eat this witchcraft?

Go home, Burger King. You’re drunk.

In honor of the Halloween season, BK will bring the very creepy and probably unsatisfying Black Whopper to American restaurants. And that’s not a code name for something else. It’s literally a pitch black-colored burger. Yum AF.

This piece of witchcraft made its debut in Japan to the collective horror of burger lovers. The sandwich used bamboo charcoal to make black buns and even added squid ink to its sauce. So appetizing, right?

According to Business Insider, the American burgers will be bereft of any squid ink or black cheese, which is a quasi-relief. However, these Satan burgers will still have black buns bound to cause nightmares for weeks.

Are you hungry yet? If your answer is anything but “NOPE,” then you’re an actual demon.
Expect to see these bad boys late October at a BK near you. Stock up on holy water. You’ll need it.

You said it, queen.

(H/T: Business Insider)