Kylie Jenner Dropped $5,000 on Cheap Chinese Food Because She’s Kylie Jenner

She's living her best life.

App maverick and full-time 18-year-old Kylie Jenner lives a life us mere mortals only dream about. For example, when I’m craving a specific restaurant, I get my ass out of bed and hoof it to that greasy spoon. But when Kylie has the same problem, her solution is boss AF: hire a private chef to come to your house and make the restaurant food for you. That’s a move only a true queen can make.

And it’s exactly what happened to KyKy on Sunday, according to TMZ. The youngest Jenner and 5-10 of her friends wanted to grub hard on Philippe Chow delicacies but couldn’t bear the 45-minute travel time to the restaurant. What’s a girl with endless money to do? Simple: Drop $5,000 for a chef to make Philippe Chow goodies at her Calabasas, California home. That’s right: $5,000.

Kylie and her friends munched on fried rice, shrimp satay and chicken, according to the report. And here’s the kicker: Philippe Chow fried rice and satay normally cost $10.95 and $15.95, respectively (per TMZ). In other words, Kylie could’ve saved more than $4,000 had she mustered the energy to get out of the damn house.

But when you’re casual royalty like Lady Kylie, you don’t need to exert energy over such trivial matters. We salute your ballin’ Sunday, K. (Translation: We’re jealous as hell.)

One eye on those leftovers, tbh.