I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Ceaser Swings On Puma

When Ceaser and Puma meet face-to-face, Ceaser goes in for the kill.

For the last two seasons of Black Ink Crew, there has been a major divide between Ceaser and Puma. From Puma leaving Black Ink and launching Ink 124 to the massive brawl that took place outside a fashion show, these two former friends have yet to call a truce.

When Ceaser and Puma meet up for the first time since the fashion show fight, Ceaser tells Puma that he is going to give him the opportunity that Puma never gave him. When Puma doesn’t stand up or give in, Ceaser swings on Puma but the fight is quickly broken up by security.

Puma and Ceaser grew up together in the Bronx and at one time, Ceaser thought of Puma as his annoying little brother. What happened to their close friendship? Where did it all go wrong? Let’s take a look back at Puma and Ceaser’s rocky relationship.

  • Puma + The Guys Give Ceaser An Intervention – Tension began between Ceaser and Puma back in Season 1 when Ceaser started dating Dutchess.

  • Puma Leaves Black Ink – At the beginning of Season 2, Puma and Ceaser have a heated argument and Puma decides he no longer wants to work at Black Ink.

  • Puma Announces Ink 124 – While being honored by Vibe Magazine, Puma shocks the Black Ink Crew when he announces his plans to open up a rival tattoo shop.

  • Ceaser + Puma Attempt To Clear The Air – When Ceaser meets with Puma to see if they can rebuild their friendship, Puma mentions Dutchess and the two cannot resolve their issues.

  • Ceaser + Ted Tour Puma’s New Shop – Ceaser and Ted stop by Puma’s new tattoo shop and are not too impressed or worried about this new shop as competition.

  • Ceaser Crashes Puma’s Bachelor Party – When Ceaser unexpectedly shows up in Atlantic City for Puma’s bachelor party, the two try once again to hash the beef between them.

  • Puma Drops A Chicken Wing On The Floor Of Black Ink – Earlier in Season 3, when Puma continues to bash the new renovations at Black Ink and then drops a chicken wing on the floor, he ignites a new war with Ceaser.

  • Ceaser Digs Up Some Dirt On Puma – Ceaser reveals to Dutchess, O’S**t, and Donna that Puma is not the owner of Ink 124.

  • Puma Will Not Work With Ceaser – When Ceaser meets with Puma and Med to discuss Black Ink Magazine, Puma refuses to work with Ceaser and threatens to get lawyers involved.

  • Quani Feels Threatened By Ceaser – When Ceaser and Joe stop by Puma’s house to talk about Black Ink Magazine, Quani feels threatened that they came to her house.

  • Quani Goes Off On Ceaser – In a disrespectful rage Quani shows up at Black Ink and begins insulting Ceaser.

  • Puma and Ceaser Declare War – When Puma instigates a fight with Ceaser after a fashion show, a massive brawl erupts on the street.

Will Ceaser and Puma ever be friends again? Will these two former friends be able to find a middle ground? Share your thoughts/comments below!