X Ambassadors Reveal The Real Story Behind Jay Z’s Remix Of “Jungle”

The band bows down to Hov.

This month’s You Oughta Know artists, X Ambassadors, have quite a story involving Jay Z and…a jungle?

Not an actual one, folks. I mean their hit song. It turns out the group had no idea that Jay would be remixing their “Jungle” single, and a producer of theirs surprised them with the exciting news in a phone call. “Our producer calls me up out of the blue,” remembers singer Sam Harris. “He’s like, ’Hey, guess what? I got Jay Z to do a remix of ’”Jungle!”’ Came out of nowhere.”

Fun fact: One of the interludes in their album VHS is a recording of the conversation between Sam and the producer discussing Hov’s remix. Watch the group beaming about Jay’s magic musical touch in the interview above.

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