6 Things We Bet You Never Knew About Soulja Boy

He taught 50 Cent about the power of the Internet!!!!!

Soulja Boy doesn’t have a lot of secrets. I mean, this is the man who basically dared his side chick, Nas, to show his main chick, Nia, all their texts to each other. See, he tries to me as transparent as he can! But we wanted to see if we could dig up some dirt on him, some facts that you might have forgotten about (he’s been around forever, there are bound to be some tidbits from 2009 that you’ve forgotten about, right?)
  1. He Self-Produced A Documentary About His Life

    Yup, Soulja Boy: The Movie is a real thing, released in 2011 and chronicling his rise to fame to the day he moonwalked on $50,000 cash. It’s available for purchase on Amazon now. Reviews range from “The packaging was very safe and clean” to “I really don’t get why so many people like this trash.

  2. He Has Made Music History

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    Yup. Soulja is a pioneer of digital downloads and made his debut online. “Crank That” broke records in 2008 when it hit 3 million in digital downloads and spent 7 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

  3. His Half-Brother Passed Away In 2011

    Soulja was hit hard when his younger half-brother, Deion Jenkins, was killed in a car crash when he was just 14 years old in 2011. The loss was devastating to the rapper as well as his whole family. Soulja’s other half-brother, Tracy Jenkins was so distraught that he publicly threatened suicide while he was grieving.

  4. He Is The Subject Of An Incredibly Specific Change.Org Petition to Remix “O Canada!”

    Who knew Soulja was so beloved in Canada? One huge Canadian fan begged him to remix their national anthem.

    “My friend, Alcee, is a Canadian. He and many Canadians feel their national anthem lacks depth and originality. It’s a dull song. How is someone supposed to be proud of a country with a boring, shallow song?

    What they need is a remix.

    The perfect person to remix “O Canada” is none other than ya boy, Soulja Boy, who can turn his swag on after hopping out of the bed, kiss girls through the phone, and crank that all day, everyday. Soulja boy is a magician with his words and his raw skill.”

    Praying this happens.

  5. He Might Be The Only Love & Hip Hop Star Interviewed By The Wall Street Journal

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    You can watch the whole thing here, but in short, Soulja discusses how he pioneered the digital music revolution while in high school on YouTube and MySpace.

  6. He Recorded A Song In Honor Of #KONY2012

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    Remember back in 2012 when the internet went bonkers reposting about war criminal Joseph Kony? Soulja took that viral message to heart and recorded a song about the whole thing. Always on the cutting edged of the internet, this kid. ANd speaking of that…

Bonus Fact

He Takes Responsibility For Getting 50 Cent On The Internet

XXL Magazine
In an interview with Complex in 2011, Soulja discussed one of his mentors, 50 Cent. When he had hit a low-point, he recalled these words from Fitty: “He was like, ’You’ve got to keep doing what you’re doing. You’re Soulja Boy, you’re here for a reason. Everybody’s not going platinum. Everybody didn’t do what you did. Everybody didn’t come in on the Internet. You’re the one that started the Internet. You’re the one that got me on the Internet.” Should we thank Soulja for that?