Celebrities Are Backing This Wonderful Cause, and You Should Be, Too

Learn why Chaka Khan, Nelly, and more stars gathered last weekend.

Last Saturday, stars gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. The Face Forward charity, which provides pro-bono reconstructive surgery for victims of violent crimes, held its sixth annual fundraising gala, and celebs shined brighter than ever showing their support.

Some of the celebrities who came out to honor these victims include Nelly, Macy Gray, Chaka Kahn, “Sugar” Shane Mosley, La Toya Jackson, and Lana Parrilla.

Faye Sadou

One of the most moving moments of the night was when a survivor opened up about her 15 years of being involved in sex trafficking, human slavery, drug addiction, and violent physical abuse. La Toya Jackson also spoke about her heartbreaking experience with abuse.

There are hundreds of other stories just like theirs. To learn more, head to Face Forward and see what the movement is all about and why you need to stand behind it.

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