11 Duets That Need to Happen On This Season Of Empire

We hope they up the ante with these show-stopping duets.

-by Michael Arceneaux

There are so many things to love about Empire -most of which involve Cookie Lyons- though one area I’ve found lacking is the actual music. Yes, I realize I am in the minority about this. No, I am not including “Drip Drop.” It took a minute, but I quickly discovered the genius of that song. I do like Jamal’s addition to Estelle’s “Conqueror,” but I don’t count that because it belongs to Estelle.

While we now know that Swizz Beatz and Ne-Yo will also be contributing music this season, I have a few suggestions on how Empire can up the ante by featuring the following duets.

  • Cookie must cover “Queen Bitch” with Lil’ Kim

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    Given Taraji P. Henson revealed to Vogue that Lil’ Kim was an influence of her portrayal of Cookie, it’s only right that the two do some sort of musical number on the show. “Queen Bitch” is the perfect song because you know that’s Cookie’s favorite Lil’ Kim song and it’s probably at least in the top three of Henson’s all-time favorite Lil’ Kim songs. I know Henson knows the words to this song. I just know it. Make this happen, Lee Daniels.

  • Cookie must record with Eightball and MJG

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    For fans of southern rap, doesn’t Taraji P. Henson, and thus Cookie, remind you of the girl who sang the hook on “Space Age Pimpin’”? If they’re unavailable, call Scarface and ask for a remake of The Geto Boys’ “My Mind Playing Tricks On Me.” Or call Bun B and get Cookie to basically rap any of Pimp C’s lines in their catalog. Cookie is totally a Pimp C type persona.

  • Lucious has to sing with Aaron Neville

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    So this could go either really well or tragically awful. Say, this potential collaboration will make me envy the time q-tips gave me so much wax buildup that I had to see a specialist who painfully removed it or make me listen to a Terrence Howard song in full on purpose. To be fair, though, I imagine their voices would mesh well together.

  • Cookie and Joseline Hernandez

    Joseline has previously expressed a kinship with the Lyons matriarch and I highly doubt Joseline would object the chance to body roll and trade bars with her. This song might be the best thing ever or a big ass mess. However, I bet the video would knock.

  • Lucious and Stevie J

    It would be quite the anthem for men who give the women in their lives grief.

  • The world needs Jamal and Frank Ocean to perform together

    And a sex scene since I’ve been given the space to toss out multiple ideas.

  • Hakeem needs to make a song with Roscoe Dash

    It’s only right for Hakeem to honor the man who is practically his musical father. Besides, Roscoe Dash’s television legacy can’t end with sort of messing around with Karlie Redd in the studio during a session. If Dash is not available – I know, I know, he better be – I guess Soulja Boy could work. They’d like look cousins and adult members of the 1990s group, Another Bad Creation.

  • Mariah Carey should do a remix with Boo Boo Kitty

    I see Mimi and Boo Boo Kitty bonding over being high saddity and totally misunderstood. And because it’s Mariah Carey, she’ll let Anika get a few lines in here and there, but she’ll carry the load for the listeners. Kind of like how she carried “Head Over Heels” featuring Nas, performed by Allure, that R&B group she signed to her then label Crave.

  • Tiana Brown has to do something with Taylor Swift

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    Taylor Swift is always trotting the actress who plays Tiana out as a member of her squad. Certainly she can do her home girl a solid and perform a song with her on the biggest show on television. Who am I kidding? Taylor Swift has likely already pitched this to Tiana and wrote and recorded a demo. See you soon, Tay-Tay.

  • Iggy Azalea and Rhonda Lyons should do a song called “White Girl Problems”

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    Just kidding. I’m not for any rehabilitation station efforts for Iggy Azalea’s career. I wouldn’t be mad if Britney Spears randomly appeared and her and Rhonda do a song about dating troubled men.

  • Becky has to call Plies for a favor and request a joint performance of “Becky”

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    This should happen just because.