#BrianWilliamsPopeStories Is a Thing, and It’s GD Hilarious

"Did you know he was grazed by the very same bullet that struck Pope John Paul II in 1981 in Vatican Square?"

Brian Williams returns to the spotlight this week as a reporter for MSNBC. (If you forget, Brian was suspended from NBC, where he served as the Nightly News anchor, for telling false and exaggerated stories about his time in Iraq in the early 2000s.) And one of Brian’s first assignments? Covering Pope Francis’ highly-anticipated visit to the United States.

Of course the Internet is having a field day with this, hypothesizing all the false tales Brian will spin about his interactions with the Pope. It’s even spawned a hashtag: #BrianWilliamsPopeStories. Yes, it’s not exactly the nicest thing to tweet, but it’s funny as hell. And we’re all devils, anyway, so let’s enjoy it.

In all seriousness, we’re sure Brian won’t be spewing fake stories any time soon. Homeboy just got his job back. He’s on thin ice. (Nonetheless, this certainly makes for a great Wednesday laugh.)


We just hope B’s laughing, too…and not crying.