Let Broken Bells Stimulate Your Senses With Live Versions Of “Holding On For Life” + “After The Disco”

Broken Bells Live At The Orpheum Airs This Saturday at 9PM only on Palladia

Broken Bells, a band composed of The Shins frontman James Mercer and super-producer Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton, are known for their moody and quasi-psychedelic sounds that have captivated fans since their founding in 2010. While their music is already teeming with rich imagery and lush instrumentations, there’s still nothing quite like watching the band live – in terms of sensory stimulation.

With their spectacular light shows and on-stage video installations, the band can immediately flip a switch that can turn boring lives into mesmerizing multi-sensory experiences. Yes, legal highs, so to speak.

Check out these two live performances from their concert special Broken Bells Live At The Orpheum, which was filmed last year. Enjoy the trip!

Want more? Watch the full show this Saturday at 9PM only on Palladia.

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