Basketball Wives LA Sneak: Mehgan & Angel Get Into It in Puerto Rico

Are you Team Mehgan or Team Angel?

No Basketball Wives vacation is safe from drama and this year’s trip to Puerto Rico is no exception.

In a sneak peek for the next Basketball Wives LA, Mehgan checks Angel because she thinks she’s butting into her conversations. When Mehgan is talking about Jackie not having her back (again, sheesh), Shaunie and Tami try to mediate but when Angel chimes in, Megan is d.o.n.e. Mehgan doesn’t know why “Draya’s friend” is involving herself in a situation when she wasn’t there for any of it. Angel just wants Mehgan to stop talking.

Oh chile, things are getting heated. Are you Team Angel or Team Mehgan? Find out how things go down in Puerto Rico on the next Basketball Wives LA, Sunday at 9/8c!