Did Tyga Cancel His Brazil Tour Because of Kylie Jenner?

Let's hope not.

Tyga has cancelled three gigs in Brazil this week, and according to Daily Mail, Kylie Jenner might be behind the decision.

From Daily Mail:

In a statement, the furious local organizers of the tour said Tyga’s reps had informed them “he would not be coming to Brazil for his shows because he was stopped by his current girlfriend, media personality and socialite Kylie Jenner.”

“We are very upset in finding out an artist lacks the professionalism and the love for Brazilian fans, and allows something personal to interfere with his work schedule,” added Alexandre Stocco, of AS Productions, and Andre Marques, of Amarx Productions.

Some are saying that Kylie’s jealousy is what prompted Tyga’s tour cancellation because she’s worried he’ll find some Brazilian woman with a bigger butt than hers. If that’s the case (and I highly doubt it is) LOL. Ladies, there’s always going to be someone who has a bigger butt than you — yes, even you, Kim Kardashian — so fear not.

In (somewhat) related news, the buzz is that Tyga called Kylie his “fiancee” in this Snapchat posted to her account. It’s hard to make out exactly what he’s saying in the video, but I’ll leave it here for you.
Smh. Smdh.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.