Bonus Clip: Jackie Summons The Strength of the Lord To Ride A Horse In Puerto Rico

"Wait a minute, Lord Jesus, help me!"

This trip to Puerto Rico is seriously testing Jackie!

As if the conflict with Malaysia wasn’t enough, Jackie finally decides to ride a horse on this week’s Basketball Wives LA, but she kind of freaked out. In this web exclusive, Jackie needs the help of Tami, as well as Jesus, to get up on that thing. “Girl, if I get killed, please tell my husband I love him,” she tells Tami. Jackie is so nervous that she promises the horse she’s gonna be nice and prays, “Oh, Lord Jesus, please let me be safe!” But in her own defense, Jackie explains: the horse “knew there was something wrong!” Meanwhile, the girls are just laughing at her…

Find out if Jackie gets herself in trouble again on all new Basketball Wives LA next Sunday night at 9/8c!