Michael B. Jordan Stands Up Against Internet Trolls About His Controversial Casting in Fantastic Four

"To the trolls on the Internet, I want to say: Get your head out of the computer"

Michael B. Jordan slams Internet trolls after their backlash of a black man playing Johnny Storm (aka Human Torch) in the upcoming Fantastic Four who is portrayed as a blonde and blue-eyed male in the comics. Jordan wrote an op-ed published by Entertainment Weekly.

“Some people may look at my casting as political correctness or an attempt to meet a racial quota, or as part of the year of “Black Film.” Or they could look at it as a creative choice by the director, Josh Trank, who is in an interracial relationship himself—a reflection of what a modern family looks like today.

This is a family movie about four friends—two of whom are myself and Kate Mara as my adopted sister—who are brought together by a series of unfortunate events to create unity and a team. That’s the message of the movie, if people can just allow themselves to see it.”

The movie is set to hit theaters August 7, 2015. Watch the trailer below.

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