7 Ariana Grande Demos That Should Have Been Singles

The world would be a better place had "Pink Champagne" been offically released.

Ariana Grande’s music could turn a cynic right around. Doe-eyed, romantic songs like “Tattooed Heart” and “Piano” are sunny, playful, and heartening, and frankly, we could use more like them. Plain and simple, Ari gets what the hell life is about. Enough said.

For all of you Arianators — loyal and questioning, here are seven unreleased tracks that definitely should have made it onto one of her albums because frankly, the world would be a better place with Ari’s “fetus song” called “Pink Champagne.” “Voodoo Love” in particular deserves an award for the title alone.

  • “Boyfriend Material”

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    With its who-wah’s and Duffy-esque bassline, “Boyfriend Material” would have been a perfect fit for Ari’s Yours Truly debut album. It’s carefree, has a catchy hook, and captures the spirit and excitement of being infatuated. It also has that touch of retro, ’60s inspiration that Ari loves.

  • “Pink Champagne”

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    Ari recorded this “fetus song” when she was 17, but it never made it onto Yours Truly. She posted the song to YouTube for her fans after hitting 10 million followers on Twitter (she now has over 30 million), and it’s as pink and bubbly as the title suggests. Ari never deemed “Pink Champagne,” penned by Ke$ha, worthy of an official release, but it’s a perfectly packaged Friday bop to put on when you’re getting ready for a night out.

  • “Too Close”

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    Its R&B undertones and sprightly chorus would have made “Too Close” perfect for Ari’s sophomore LP, but the track was released exclusively via the Target and Japanese editions of the album. The lyrics also suggest that maybe this song is about Big Sean. “But we’ve been friends so long that it seems so wrong,” Ari sings, possibly referring to her longtime friendship with Sean before they started dating. If that’s truly the case, a feature from the rapper would have taken “Too Close” to the next level.

  • “Die In Your Arms”

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    Only Ariana would be able to make a song with a title as devastating as “Die In Your Arms” sound like a sun-filled Wednesday morning. But on second thought, we know how loosely she tends to use the word “die.” “Die In Your Arms” is reminiscent of Ari’s debut LP, and the bit she borrowed from Fergie’s “Clumsy” adds that extra cute touch.

  • “Cadillac Song”

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    Target-goers and residents of Japan were lucky enough to access Ari’s special edition My Everything album that included “Cadillac Song,” but this romantic, mellow gem should have been officially released for all. Straddling the lines of R&B and pop — as Ari so often does, “Cadillac” incorporates soothing vocal harmonies, relaxing piano melodies, and effortless riffs.

  • “Voodoo Love”

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    Lover of all things Halloween and Harry Potter, Ari once recorded a song called “Voodoo Love.” She played the demo, inspired by Daniel Radcliffe, on a live chat, but ended up tossing it, along with the rest of her “fetus music.” Still, the charmingly themed song could have easily appeared on Ari’s debut album.

  • “Only Girl (In The World)”

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    This rendition of Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)” is severely underrated. Ari covered RiRi in the style of “Tattooed Heart,” reaching peak Ariana Grande well before the world knew her name. If you’re still in disbelief that this ever happened, Ari performed the cover live at a skating and gymnastics competition in 2011. The trailblazing cover should have made it onto Ari’s Yours Truly album (even if it would have been filler) for no other reason than its undeniably significant cultural impact.

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