Kris Jenner Is Being Laughed At For Not Saying the N-Word

Yes, you read that correctly.

Kris Jenner is seriously being slammed for NOT saying the N-word.

She celebrated with Kim and Kanye for their 1 Year Anniversary. Its been a year already? Anyway, in typical Kanye fashion, he planned a huge firework display for the event, which Kris shared on Instagram.

She captioned it “End of the night …And of course in the rain, under umbrellas, Kanye treated us to Fireworks… And if you listen closely…his huge hit song “Great People in Paris“….. …and boy did we dance the night away … Especially Khloe #justsayin”

She didn’t want to use the real title, “(N-word) in Paris,” and people are amused. Her comment section is a sea of laughing emojis at her odd attempt to not say the n-word. Would she have been better off just saying it? I think this was a great substitute.