Netflix Will Make 12 New Episodes of Black Mirror, and Our Bodies Aren’t Ready

The British anthology series lives on!

We need to make “Netflix saves the day!” T-shirts, because that’s what the streaming service always does!

And its latest good deed? Giving us a third season of the mind-f—k British anthology series Black Mirror. For a second, you thought that show was kaput! NOPE.

Netflix announced Friday it has commissioned House of Tomorrow to whip up 12 new episodes of Black Mirror. The series will now live on Netflix as a brand original series, which means you can binge-watch to your heart’s content. Thank God!

But for those freaking out Netflix Black Mirror will be radically different than Channel 4, let us put your minds at ease. Original executive producers and show-runners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones will stay on board as EPs for this new season. Our bodies are not ready for the techno-paranoia slay.

Black Mirror is a Twilight Zone-esque affair that focuses on how we interact with technology in the modern world. It’s dark, suspenseful, but also strangely comedic. However, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

No word yet on when this third season will premiere on Netflix, but until then, we have the older episodes to keep us warm.

Channel 4

We’ll be crying over this news all weekend. (Tears of sheer happiness, of course.)