Daniel Radcliffe Shaved His Head and It’s Giving Us Mixed Feelings

Radcliffe has a new dew.

Its been a while since Harry Potter defeated Voldemort during the battle of Hogwarts, but it’s still hard adjusting to Daniel Radcliffe playing any other roles. Earlier today, Radcliffe posted a new photo of his undercover FBI agent role in the upcoming film Imperium, and it’s a bit drastic.

He shaved off all of his hair. Seeing as Radcliffe must portray someone portraying a Nazi, we understand the dramatic stylistic choice, but in the back of mind all I can think is, Harry would never! The scruffy Radcliffe was even tolerable. It will be a while getting used to this drastic style. Regardless, I’ll still be first in line to see the film.

Check out the photo below.