Momma Dee Says She Didn’t Dine and Dash & Her Arrest Was A Big Misunderstanding

"Dee was willing to pay her part of the check, but would not pay for the others and that's when she was busted."

It wasn’t a great weekend for Momma Dee. On Saturday the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was arrested for reportedly leaving without paying her $500 restaurant tab in Milwaukee. Scrappy’s mom spent a few hours in jail but was released on bail. Dee later told TMZ the whole incident was a big misunderstanding and that she had every intention of paying her bill.

According to TMZ, Momma Dee “was in the bathroom when the check came and everyone in her party had bounced. She says even though it was her birthday, the dinner wasn’t planned specifically for her and she was just an invited guest to dinner. When she came back from the bathroom she says she was bombarded by restaurant managers and cops who claimed she was dining and ditching.” Dee’s statement continues with her saying, “she was willing to pay her part of the check, but would not pay for the others and that’s when she was busted.”
Monday morning Momma Dee took to Instagram to post a picture of her and bestie Shay Johnson writing:

Reality shows make us seem like we are invincible, like we don’t have feelings or families. I’m eternally greatful to my fans for your support and belief in me! TODAY..the court system found me NOT GUILTY of the charges you’ve been reading all over the blogs. Matter of fact they dismissed the charges brought against me from Elses! It’s sad that in today’s society you can’t enjoy yourself without the police being called.. This is not the 1St time a certain group of people have been targeted by this establishment.. but ok. I can only pray for them and wish them well. Im thankful because ive got the support of my fans, family and friends! I want to say a special Thank you to my friend Shay Johnson @Iamshayjohnson and her amazing famiy.. no matter what ppl think..she always holds me down!

We sure hope everything works out for Momma Dee and that tab is all paid up now! What do you think of Momma Dee, dining and dashing or total misunderstanding?