Two Bad Bihs: Jessica Dime and Jhonni Blaze Are Low-key Besties

Officially are our new favorite set of BFFs!
Jessica Dime and Jhonni Blaze are two peas in a pod? Who knew!? The Love & Hip Hop New York and Love & Hip Hop Altanta breakout stars were turning up together this weekend and we are tickled to see these two bad bihs together at last.

The curvaceous twosome were dancing and partying at the club and posting hilarious Snapchat videos together solidifying their role as our new favorite set of BFFs.
Jhonni and Dime both became stars on their respective Love & Hip Hop seasons and are not so different. Both ladies got their start dancing as a means to support their musical ambitions and have come out on the up and up.

What do you think of Jhonni and Jessica as besties?