Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Named Son Miller Lyte, and Got Jipped With Only a Year Supply of Beer

Ain't that America.

Rednecks ’round the US, your existence is about to be put to shame. Matthew McConaughey’s older bro Michael “Rooster” McConaughey may be a “self-made millionaire” whose life ventures are chronicled on the CNBC show West Texas Investors Club, but that won’t stop him from hustling for some booze and remaining loyal to his country while doing so.

TMZ tells us that Rooster named his son, who’s now 9-years-old, Miller Lyte. Why? Because it’s his all-time favorite beer, why else? We know he didn’t choose the name to create a spectacle, since the company just recently learned about its number one fan. But, Rooster’s commitment to beer and parenting earned him 24 cases, or 576 beers, allowing about 1.5 beers a day. That’s it, Miller Lite? SMH.

After a year, the buzz will be worn, but the unfortunate decision to name your son after a beer is everlasting. But I guess, it was a tribute to his true love, and really, an honor to America. And no amount of beers can say “Thank you” enough.

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