August Alsina Really Needs To Keep His Thirsty Hands To Himself


I’m a fan of August Alsina, but he had me messed up when I saw video of him groping a fan onstage.

This mind-blowing incident occurred while he was performing in Baton Rouge this weekend. The young lady was sitting onstage as August was serenading her, when out of nowhere, his hands begin getting a bit too close for comfort.

Moving his hands from her neck to her breasts, you can tell in the video that the fan looked uncomfortable (though she tried to remain cool). She even put her hand on her chest and kept it there, blocking anymore unwanted advances from August.

I understand that you’re an artist and you have countless of women after you, August. But at the end of the day, right is right and wrong is wrong. You owe that young lady an apology. If she wanted that type of attention from you, she wouldn’t have been so uneasy in the video to began with.

Learn from this mistake and make better choices moving forward. If not, you better not say anything when you catch a case.

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