Hazel Didn’t Deserve That Drink To The Face

"Bad blood or not, what kind of man throws a drink in a woman's face?"

Poor Hazel just got ambushed, and it was so wrong. In an explosive scene from this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Hazel walked into a situation that ended with a drink to the face just because she was trying to defend her professional reputation. Hollywood Unlocked blogger Jason Lee made no attempt to hide his distaste for Hazel when Nikki brought up her name in a meeting, and was even less excited when Nikki said Hazel would be joining them for a drink. Jason denied that Hazel was ever Hollywood publicist, likening her to an intern you find on Craigslist. When the two met face to face, Jason immediately went claws-out and called her a fraud to her face, and in short order, he added a drink to it.

To her credit, Nikki admitted that she never would have put the two in the same room and wondered aloud “Bad blood or not, what kind of man throws a drink in a woman’s face?”