B.G. Knocc Out Details Suge Knight Having Armed Goons Waiting In Closets And Under Beds For Meeting With Eazy-E

Some more truths about Eazy and Suge's tumultuous relationship revealed.

In an interview with VLADTV, B.G. Knocc Out revealed how much of a bully Suge Knight really was to Eazy-E.

B.G. admitted how Dr. Dre once called Eazy for a meeting to release him from his contract. But when Eazy showed up, Suge was there instead.

“They was in a hotel room. Suge had dudes there hiding in the closet and under the bed and when he get up there, Suge locked the door. All these cats come from under the bed, out the closet and in the bathroom with guns. Dre wasn’t there. He set it up though,” B.G. said. “Eazy was smart, so he didn’t put his real signature on the paperwork and that’s why it never held out.”

He also revealed that the scene in Straight Outta Compton, where Suge had people jump Eazy, never happened. “Hell nah. They didn’t touch him.”

Giving his 2 cents on Eazy’s death, B.G. also said he doesn’t believe Suge was responsible for it. He began discussing Suge’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2003. In that sit-down, Suge joked about someone getting AIDS by being injected with an infected person’s  blood.

“Just the fact that he said that, and where he could have got the information from, I have no clue. But, that’s how most of us feel…that’s what really happened,” B.G. said. “I don’t think Suge is in a position. I just think he was made privy to it by somebody in a high place. Whoever he dealt with, maybe gave him the rundown. I don’t think it was him though, to be honest.”

Watch the entire interview below.

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