I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: The Winners Of Twinning Are Revealed!

"We have proven that we have the strongest twin-tuition of the 12 sets of twins in this game!"

After winning the final Double-Down Challenge, Claire and Shawn watched Tre and Torian send Kristina and Kamila home before facing them in the last Twin-Off. In a runaway match-up, Claire and Shawn beat the boys to win the Twinning grand prize of $222,222.22!

Having dominated challenges since Week 1, Claire and Shawn were viewed as a threat from the very beginning. When sent into the Twin-Off by other twins hoping they would not return, this dynamic duo always came back to the house ready to compete and focused on winning the entire competition. Mission accomplished!

Do you believe in twin-tuition? Who was your favorite set of twins throughout the competition? Who would you like to have seen win? Share your thoughts/comments below!