There’s Now A Game Based Off Of Drake And Future’s What A Time To Be Alive–But Is It Better Than Meek’s?

Another win for the books.

Drake and Future just gave a new meaning to the term “having game.”

There’s now an online game dedicated to “Jumpman,” a song featured on their What a Time to be Alive mixtape–and it’s a lot of fun.

Players have the option of being Drizzy or Future and its goal is simple. You have to jump on moving layers without falling down and dying. You can easily spend hours on this thing.

We wonder what people think of it, compared to Meek’s Bike Life. Is Meek even going to clap back with mentions of his game via social media? It’s not like that messy twitter finger behavior would be new to him. Guess, we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, show off your “Jumpman” skills and play it here.


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