Bonus Clip: Brandi Wants Answers from Ray J About Max’s Whereabouts

"Do you think, I want you to be really honest, do you think he's cheating on me?"

Brandi went AWF when she found Max in the studio with a bunch of “Beckies” but where’d he go after their fight? In a bonus clip from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Brandi demands answers from her fam, Ray J, and doesn’t necessarily like what he has to say.

Max never came home after Brandi flipped out on him and Lil Brandi holds Ray responsible for his behavior. Ray J says it’s not his fault but assures her that Max is safe and that he’s not cheating. (Like, he’s pretty sure but he still leaves enough of it to the imagination that Brandi has a fire in her eye.) Ray promises Brandi he’s going to find Max and make it up to her but Brandi doesn’t seem totally convinced.

Do you think Brandi is bats— crazy or was Max totally out of line? Don’t miss new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Mondays at 8/7c!