Cringeworthy Lyrics About Social Media That Will Make You Want to Delete the Internet

"Flights & Skype" by Trey Songz, anyone?

Unless you’re living under a rock, social media is unavoidable. It’s in our news posts, it’s suffocating the zeitgeist, and now more than ever, it’s in our music.

Internet culture has changed the way that we access music as much as it’s changed the type of music that artists make. Regardless of whether or not you like social media, it can be off-putting to hear artists rap or sing about Twitter and Instagram in their songs.

The following tracks include cringeworthy lyrics that reference social media platforms in ways that will probably make you want to delete your online presence — or at least think about it.

  • “No Social Media” by Wiz Khalifa

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “Baby press silent, we don’t need our phones / And mothafuck a charger, you can leave it home”

  • “AIM” by Tyga

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “ASL lol Tyga don’t care but / Only females what’s your email”

  • “LOL :-)” feat. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy by Trey Songz

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “Sent the little face with the tongue cause I’m nasty / I’m on my way, girl, I can’t wait / Twitter me a picture, let me see that, okay”

  • “New Friend Request” by Gym Class Heroes

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “You caught me at the most pivotal moments / And now I’m emailing my love a dozen digital roses”

  • “Instagram That Hoe” feat. Juicy J & Rick Ross by Fat Joe

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “Instagram that ho, Instagram her mama / Instagram that bitch on the top of the whip while she giving me knowledge”

  • “Follow U On Twitter” feat. Cam’ron by Twista

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “I get an update on your tweets seven days a week / Can’t wait until we speak, girl, until then I’mma follow you on Twitter”

  • “Nothing But Trouble” by Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “I’m facing the bottle for all of my problems / These Instagram models are nothing but trouble”

  • “Flights & Skype” by Trey Songz

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “Gotta hop on this flight / So let’s skype, tonight (Yeah)”

  • “Twitter” feat. Kevin McCall by Chris Brown

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    Cringeworthy lyrics: “I be pulling all the chicks they follow me like Twitter (Twitter) / Follow me like Twitter, follow, follow me like Twitter”

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