Katy Perry Kept Getting Groped By A Fan In Brazil And It Was VERY Awkward To Watch

A girl kept kissing her, and she didn't seem to like it.

While performing at Brazil’s Rock In Rio festival, an obsessed fan of Katy Perry’s was all over her–and it was weird.

During her set, Katy decided to invite the eager fan onstage. After the fan introduced herself, she quickly began touching and kissing Katy. “She’s kissing my neck,” Katy told her audience. As the touching began getting too intense, she even said, “Woah, that’s my boob!”

Luckily, after a few PDA-heavy selfies, the stan eventually left the stage.

We’re not sure what the fan’s deal was, but she needed to quench her thirst with some Gatorade or something. That was just #TeamTooMuch.

Watch the awkward moment below.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.