Advice Bill Cosby Supposedly Once Gave Kenan Thompson Is Actually Repulsive

The SNL star recounts a strange story, and one of the "little indicators" of Cosby's current situation.

Everyone has put in their two cents into Bill Cosby’s serious rape allegations, whether they’ve defended or completely bashed him. Now, another star comes out of the woodwork to tell his story about the actor, and it will, quite frankly, disgust you.

Yesterday on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Kenan Thompson recalled advice Cosby gave to him as a young actor while shooting 2004’s Fat Albert: “He was like, ’You know, life is good in the movies or whatever, but you just be ready because when this movie comes out, you’re going to need two dicks because women are going to be all over you.'” After the audience laughed, he added: “I’m sorry, Dr. Huxtable. What was that? I didn’t catch it.”

He questioned the statement, but thought of it as typical locker room talk. “You just go, ’Hmm. That was a little different,'” he said. “You know, weird-type stuff just goes in the back of your mind, like-that was just a-he’s a guy-it’s football season.”

Watch the clip here and know we’re just as, if not more, grossed out than you are.

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