Watch Justin Bieber and Michael Rapaport Settle Their Feud Over a Game of Basketball

"This is like playing Larry David and Woody Allen in a bad dream."

Justin Bieber is on a winning streak. He scored his first number one hit with comeback single “What Do You Mean?”, landed a Complex cover, and now, he’s a basketball star.

The Biebs unknowingly sparked a faux celebrity feud with actor Michael Rapaport, 24 years Justin’s senior, when Justin won the MVP award at the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. The loss has been eating at Michael for the past four years. He recruited his son to help him train, called Scooter Braun incessantly to book a rematch, and finally got his chance at redemption when Biebs agreed to meet him on the court.

Justin and Michael duked it out, and while we won’t spoil it for you by telling you who won, we will leave Complex’s 15-minute video documenting Michael’s preparations for the rematch and the rematch itself here for your viewing.

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