Bonus Clip: Dutchess Seeks Advice About Signing a Prenup with Ceaser

"I've literally given this man everything, so why do you feel you need to keep something from me?"

Dutchess is protecting her assets in the shop when it comes to her marriage. In a bonus clip from Black Ink Crew, when a divorce attorney comes for a tattoo, Dutchess bends her ear about the prenup Ceaser has proposed to her. The attorney tells Dutchess that if she really invested in making the Black Ink what it is, then she needs to protect her share of it too. With a glimmer in her eye, Dutchess gives her new friend a tattoo with new found confidence. Will Dutchess stick up for herself and demand her share of the shop in the prenup? Find out how things go on all new episodes of Black Ink Crew, Mondays at 9/8c!