A Woman Called the Police Because a Drug Dealer Ripped Her Off

She needed justice, y'all.

This woman needs to be our next president.

The Huffington Post reports a Florida resident named Erin Klich called the police last Saturday after the dealer she bought $75 worth of marijuana from failed to deliver the full amount of promised goods. We wish we were joking.

Justice doesn’t discriminate, so the police did visit Erin’s home to discuss this tragic rip-off. And—surprise, surprise!—it ended with Erin getting arrested for misusing 911.

But here’s the kicker: Police also found actual pot, so she was charged for that, too.

The good news is Erin was released from jail on a $3,000 bond. The bad news? There wasn’t enough evidence on the finicky drug dealer to make an arrest. Sorry, Erin. It’s just not a good week for you.

And to think this all (probably) could’ve been avoided had she not called the cops in the first place. When will people learn you shouldn’t phone the fuzz about your cheeba struggles!?


Tell ’em, Sarah Jessica Parker!