Rebecca Is Tired Of Sharing Her Man on the She’s Got Game Sneak

"I just don't want any other woman touching him."

Rebecca don’t play. On a romantic date with Game, they both discuss their feelings and agree that they love being together, but she takes it a step further by telling him he BETTER NOT take Shyona on the exact same date. “This is amazing,” Rebecca tells Game as they sit down to feast on a decadent chocolate buffet in a sexy hotel suite. “Are you going to bring Shy here in three days?” Burn! “In the past, he did the exact same thing with Shyona that he did with me. Are you going to do that again?” she asks. “If this is mine, then let it be mine and mine alone. Thank you.”

The season finale of She’s Got Game airs this Monday at 10/9c on VH1.