Dutchess Sets Record Straight to Fans Mocking Her Appearance on Instagram

"I don't like wearing a lot of stuff on my lips..."

Dutchess has had it. The Black Ink Crew star clapped back at a fan who created a meme with lip balm being help up to her lips on a TV screen. The fan Kaptin_Hook3 posted the graphic, writing, “Is it me or her lips chapped every episode y’all don’t wear chap stick in North Carolina??? @monascottyoung who in charge over there??? They down bad for letting her go on camera like that???”

Dutchess has no problem speaking up for herself though and clarified what’s what for the Instagram jokester. The Shade Room captured the interaction where Dutchess wrote,

First off, do your research. Mona Scott Young has her own franchise and it isn’t Black Ink. We work with a totally different production [company] that may have five black employees. Second, know that I don’t like wearing a lot of stuff on my lips cause I’ve had the habit of biting my lips since [I was] a child. And third, don’t be so worried about me or my lips. It appears you’re living your life just fine. It’s petty to be so concerned with a complete stranger over a TV show. And furthermore, that pic is from season one, we’re in season four. If you’re gonna read somebody at least use a current picture. And one more thing, be blessed, have an amazing cause I damn sure will!!!

Sips Tea. Well, that’s that.