Watch Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Try to One-Up Each Other on The Tonight Show

"Boobs win. I will always win."

Glitter fairy Miley Cyrus was a guest star on The Tonight Show last night. Sporting a daisy tattoo next to her left eye and a gigantic four-finger heart ring, Miley spoke to Jimmy Fallon about wanting to be Kanye West’s VP come 2020, that time Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t pass her his vape, and why she chose to go vegan for her pet blowfish and pig.

Miley also put on an “Emotional Interview” with Jimmy, for which the two were prompted to act out different emotions. They pretended to be overly defensive and fake polite, and at one point, Jimmy had to start calling Miley by the name of Morley, to which Miley delivered this flaw-free response: “I’m an international phenomenon and my name is Miley and everyone knows that.”

The best part of all, though, was when Miley and Jimmy tried to one-up each other. Watch them go at it in the clip below.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.