The Ladies Grab A Bite Of Local Puerto Rican Food In This Basketball Wives LA Bonus Clip

How have these ladies not been thrown out of a country yet?

In this week’s Basketball Wives LA bonus clip, the ladies (finally!) took a break from all the conflicts to try local Puerto Rican food. And learned that Jackie can’t speak Spanish to save her life.

When the ladies stop by a little hut because they “gotta do the local,” only to find out no one spoke English, Jackie tries to communicate with them in Spanglish, but she isn’t very successful. Frustrated, Jackie asks Brandi if “she speaks that,” but everyone is clueless. Using hand signals, the girls are finally able to buy something for a dollar, but question themselves how clean the food really is. Jackie and Brandi don’t hesitate to try it, but Tami is still skeptical, “I don’t know if they passed the FDA guidelines.”

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