Bonus Clip: Malaysia and Brandi Are Sick Of Being The Butt Of Shaunie and Tami’s Jokes

"Excuse me. Can we have tequila?"

The LA ladies are feeling judged on this week’s Basketball Wives LA.

As the ladies settle down at a bar in Puerto Rico for some Tami-and-Shaunie-free time, Malaysia and Brandi reveal they are “sick and tired of being judged.” Malaysia thinks the Miami girls have been laughing at them the entire time and “not good enough” for them, and Brandi, annoyed, exclaims, “take yo’ Miami ass back to Miami and see how that works.” All the ladies are pissed off at what Tami and Shaunie’s behavior toward them, but Jackie comforts them, “We’re gonna be okay, guys, we need some tequila shots!”

Are all the girls finally on good terms? Tune in to find out on the reunion of the Basketball Wives LA this Sunday, October 11 at 9/10c!