Apryl Turns Up and Tells Ol’ Girl Kamiah to Stop Telling Everyone Her Business

"You talk to a lot of people about your business."

Apryl may be the new low-key queen of shutting it down. In a bonus clip from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Apryl meets up with Kamiah and is ready to give her a life lesson. Apryl tells Kamiah that Jason Lee popped up on her and Fizz’s lunch and was serving a whole of Tea that Kamiah told him about her relationship with Dreux. Kamiah takes it all in stride but when she tries and object, Apryl’s like, nah, you’re wrong. The ladies seem to be on the same page by the end and Kamiah’s grateful for the wisdom about keeping her business her business.

Do you think Apryl was too harsh on Kamiah? Do you think Kamiah really learned her lesson? Don’t miss new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Mondays at 8/7c!