I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Did Shaunie Just Fire Brandi?

"For you, Miss Brandi Maxiell, let me put that bitch on today."

Never in all the seasons of Basketball Wives or Basketball Wives LA has someone insulted or disrespected Shaunie O’Neal in the way that Brandi Maxiell did on Sunday night’s season finale of Basketball Wives LA.

On their final night in Puerto Rico, Brandi confronts Shaunie about her attitude towards the LA girls, claiming that Shaunie belittles them and tries to make the LA girls feel inferior. Shaunie, the classy woman that she is, throws shade in the most polite way possible: “If you want to keep it real, Brandi, I technically brought you to this group.”

As this back-and-forth argument continues, the women are in shock of Brandi’s comments and attitude. The tension explodes when Brandi flat out calls Shaunie a bitch. In reply, Shaunie kindly dismisses Brandi by saying “Thank you for your services.” In her confessional, Tami Roman confidently exclaims “Shaunie has finally surfaced because that’s the Shaunie that I know! Brandi, take your little one way ticket on back ’cause you’ve just been cast off the island.”

Did Shaunie just fire Brandi? What does this mean for the future of these women and their friendship? All will be revealed next week on the Basketball Wives LA Season 4 reunion special! In the meantime, rewatch the epic moment now and take a look at our favorite reactions from the cast: