The Whitest and Rudest Chanel Oberlin One-Liners from Scream Queens

"I'm rich and I'm pretty, so it doesn't really matter."

Good day, idiot hookers. In case your unworthy ears haven’t noticed, your Kappa Kappa Tau queen Chanel Oberlin has been serving up hella bitchy one-liners on Scream Queens. She has literally violated your one-liner vag and you were probably too stupid to notice.

We’re keeping a running list of the rudest, most uncomfortable, and most hilarious things Chanel has said so far because — homophobic and racist comments aside — the bitchy things she says to her minions are your guilty pleasure. Gather ’round, bitches. And read up good.

  • “I’m sorry, did I ask you to pull down my panties and blow a compliment up my butt?”

  • “If this is our pledge class, I’m killing myself.”

  • “What fresh hell is this?”

  • “I’ll have a trente no-foam, five-shot, half-calf, no-foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees.”

  • “I’m rich and I’m pretty, so it doesn’t really matter.”

  • “You get STDs from dirty toilet seats and drinking the water in Mexico.”

  • “Good evening, idiot hookers.”

  • “You’re about to get hazed harder than a suburban banquet hall during bat mitzvah season.”

  • “You have violated my closet vag.”

  • “There is something so depressing about a poor person walking around in couture.”

  • “Bitches, gather ’round.”

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.