7 Times Mariah Carey Proved She’s The Biggest Mean Girls Stan

And we think that’s pretty gruel.

-By James Dinh

October 3 will forever remain an important date in history. It’s the day that O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the murders of ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and, her friend, Ronald Goldman. It’s the day that the world bestowed us with forever-eternal pop rocker Gwen Stefani. It also happens to be the day that this (very fictional) scene in Mean Girls took place, so you just know that every October 3, Mariah Carey probably locks herself up inside her 11,000 square foot Tribeca penthouse with Lindsay Lohan’s 2004 holy grail on repeat for Monroe and Moroccan.

And in case you have an extreme case of ESPN or something like Karen Smith, you already know that MiMi is obsessed with this film. But it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering that she’s the reigning queen of shade, particularly when it comes to (almost) every pop star out there. Don’t believe us? Well, in honor of the past weekend’s most “fetch” day of the year, VH1 decided to round up the seven most definitive examples that prove that Mariah Carey is the ultimate Mean Girls stan.

1. That time that Team Mariah decided to throw MC a surprise Mean Girls themed pajama party in honor of her birthday anniversary. This is Mariah freakin’ Carey celebrating Mean Girls with her very own army of skanks in 2005. It’s pretty gruel, if we don’t say so ourselves.

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