Ariana Grande Kissed A Girl On Instagram In Another Attempt To Make You Forget The Doughnut Incident

FYI, the Instagram post was an "accident."

Multi-talented artist and social media professional Ariana Grande posted a video to her Instagram early this morning in which she and former Victorious castmate Liz Gillies smooch on the lips. Both of the girls look surprised the moment their lips meet, immediately separating from one another to burst into a thousand giggles.

It’s really not surprising that two girls who are best friends kissed on the lips. That’s not an abnormal thing to do when you’re super close to someone — whether or not you’re heterosexual. What is bizarre about the video, though, is that Ari claims it was “posted by accident.” Ari, babe, there are multiple steps you have to take in order to post your video to Instagram. There’s no way it was posted by mistake, and if it was and you didn’t want anyone to see it, you could have deleted it as soon as it went up.

So, like, is this another attempt by Ari to make us forget that she once licked a doughnut and bashed America and fat people in a single sentence? Maybe. Probably. She’s been wanting us to forget that ever happened since it happened. Ari’s Instagram post also makes us concerned about her ’gram etiquette. There are a few reasons for this.

Where is Ari’s PR team when we need them? In the meantime, maybe Justin Bieber should help her out. His Instagram game is fire.

UPDATE: 10/6 11:55 A.M.

Ari just posted what seems to be an actual snippet of “Focus” to Twitter. Thanks, bb.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.