Forgotten Emo Lyrics From The Early 2000s You Once Deemed AIM Profile-Worthy

Cheers to nostalgia.

AIM profiles were the 2000s’ equivalent to today’s Twitter timelines. We would fill our profile boxes and away messages with quotes and jokes decked out in a variety of fonts and colors. And, you know, maybe an emo lyric — or five — would make its way in there from time to time, too.

We’re talking Dashboard Confessional, Sunny Day Real Estate, Something Corporate, you know the drill. These are the emo lyrics from around the early 2000s that you definitely put in your AIM profiles and away messages so everyone would know you were in on the scene.

Cheers to nostalgia. May it forever live on.

  • “Hope dangles on a string, like slow-spinning redemption”

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    “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional

  • “On sleepless roads the sleepless go / May angels lead you in.”

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    “Hear You Me” by Jimmy Eat World

  • “Run, baby, run / Don’t ever look back / They’ll tear us apart if you give them the chance”

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    “Check Yes Juliet” by We The Kings

  • “She paints me blue, and you are my reason for breathing”

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    “She Paints Me Blue” by Something Corporate

  • “Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you / You are my only one”

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    “Only One” by Yellowcard

  • “Just sail belly up to the clouds, the rocks scraping your back / To breathe in the air will be the only thing that you have”

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    “This Is Not An Exit” by Saves The Day

  • “’Cause it’s all been done and it’s all been said (eyeliner) / We’re the coolest kids and we take what we can get”

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    “Soco Amaretto Lime” by Brand New

  • “If I could have one wish tonight, I’d wish upon a satellite to bring me back to you”

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    “The Night The Lights Went Out In NYC” by The Ataris

  • “So let’s cause a scene, clap our hands and stomp our feet or something, yeah something / I’ve just got to get myself over me”

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    “The First Single” by The Format

  • “Waiting here until words run out, dreaming of the day when you open your arms in the light of our love”

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    “Rain Song” by Sunny Day Real Estate

  • “I just wanna break you down so badly / Well I trip over everything you say / I just wanna break you down so badly in the worst way”

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    “MakeDamnSure” by Taking Back Sunday

  • “I’m melting in your eyes, like my first time that I caught fire / Just stay with me, lay with me now”

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    “I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)” by The Used

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.