Omarion and Fizz Gave Soulja Boy the Idea to Bring Nia with Him To Meet Nas

"Let me tell you how to do it...bring Nia!"

The world scratched its collective head when Soulja Boy brought his main chick to meet his side chick and then was surprised when they went off at each other but now we know he got that great idea from his boys.

In a bonus clip from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Soulja, Fizz, and Omarion play a little poker and talk about their lady troubles. When the situation with Nas and Nia comes up, Omarion suggest Soulja take Nas by surprise by bringing his ride or die bb with him to chat. Fizz cackles in agreement. This is what it means to play in the big leagues. Oof. Do you think Soulja still thinks it’s good advice after all?

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