Stop Hyping the Mass Text Victor Cruz’s Fiancée Sent to His Side Chicks

It's tragically therapeutic to know that million-dollar couples have problems.

By now, you probably already know about the screenshot of the mass text Victor Cruz’s fiancée Elaina Watley allegedly sent to his side chicks. If not, here you go:

When the Internet got a hold of this, everyone went nuts. Between the average person’s own relationship messiness and day-to-day responsibilities, it’s tragically therapeutic to know million dollar-couples have problems.

Relationship guru Joe Budden decided to weigh in:

Sorry Joe, there’s no concrete indication that she’s on a mission to keep Vic’s peen in his pants. What the message tells us is that Elaina is aware and has accepted that Vic has side chicks. No one should really judge her about that. Not because every man cheats, because it’s their relationship, and they set the rules. The reason this message even exists is because someone (him or one of the ladies) probably broke one of the rules. This text was her way of handling the situation, and what’s wrong with that? After all, Elaina’s not just Victor’s fiancée, she’s the mother of his child and his business manager. So, let’s all get over this, and get back judging Kim Kardashian on her pregnancy style.

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