Are Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon Getting Back Together?

The former Cheetah Girl addressed rumors at the Latina magazine Hot List party Tuesday night.

Adrienne Bailon recently called off her engagement to Roc Nation executive Lenny Santiago. So, of course the most logical thing to do now is speculate she will rekindle her old flame with Rob Kardashian, whom she dated from 2007-2009. C’mon, it’s the Internet! Did you expect anything less?

Yes, the bees have been buzzing for weeks Adrienne and Rob—who is slowly making his way back into the spotlight—are getting back together. But do any of the rumors hold water? Adrienne attended the Latina magazine Hot List party Tuesday night in Los Angeles and addressed the chatter head on—well, sort of. She didn’t really confirm or deny anything, so we’re confused.

“I think he’s a great guy and I always wish him well, but the rumors are going to go crazy. It is what it is,” Adrienne told journalists at the event, reports.

She did add, though, she is “taking time” for herself at the moment. “I kind of called it my Eat, Pray, Love journey,” she said. “I went to Paris to study fashion, photography and French language. I just kind of had a self discovery thing, and I’m still on that journey. I’m having a good time.”

Again, is that a yes? A no? What is going on? For now, we’re going to play it safe and believe there is nothing happening between Rob and Adrienne. But we can still dream about it, right? Don’t you remember how cute they were?!

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Swoon. ???