Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson Might Be the Hottest Friends-with-Benefits Pair of All Time

If these new reports are true, that is.

Whoa, we definitely did not see this coming.

According to a new report from Us Weekly, Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas are knee-deep in a no-strings-attached romance. This is not a joke.

The latest addition of the tabloid—on stands now—claims Kate, 36, and Nick, 23, have been hooking up since September—and romance is in the air. Do y’all believe? We’re not so sure, but—jeez—wouldn’t they be the sexiest couple on the planet?

Nick or Kate haven’t confirmed anything. In fact, Nick is doing a good job of suggesting he’s just living his damn life.

“I’m 23, single and loving life,” Jonas told ET Canada. “And in a moment, I’m just trying to have as much fun as possible… I do live a public life and for whatever reason people are interested in that. I think my life is not that interesting.”

But here’s the tea: Nick can still be single and have a casual, breezy fling with Kate. Those are not mutually exclusive concepts, people. Until these lovebirds confirm anything, though, we’ll simmer down.