Black Ink Crew Bonus Clip: This Is The Moment Dutchess Realizes She’s On Her Own And Cease Won’t Help Her With Her Shop

"I thought we were gonna be like, a power couple."

“I thought we was gonna be like a power couple and you could support me and make my dreams come true and I could support you and make your dreams come true. But I could be wrong,” Dutchess tells Ceaser in this bonus clip from Black Ink Crew. “I thought our dreams was just to be successful,” Cease says. “I thought it was both of us, not just you,” Dutchess retorts. Cease still has no interest in moving to North Carolina, where Dutchess wants to open her own shop, and basically tells her she’s on her own, which makes for the most miserable, tense car ride ever.

Tune in Monday night at 9/8c to see what happens with these two.